Descriptive essay your teacher

Deciding on a purpose
Even description for description's sake should have a purpose. Is there an important overall impression you wish to convey? A central theme or general point? This is your thesis; organize your essay around it. For example, you might describe your car as your home away from home, full of snack foods, changes of clothing, old issues of the Chico News & Review , textbooks, and your favorite music. Or, you might describe your car as an immaculate, beautiful, pampered woman on whom you lavish attention and money. Just don't describe your car in cold, clinical detail, front to back (or bottom to top, or inside to outside) without having in mind the purpose, the overall impression you want to create. To achieve this impression, you should not necessarily include all details; use only those that suit your purpose.

With the mind that is clear, you will have an opportunity to look at the structure and sources from a different angle. In case you can’t decide about a phrase or a word, you can read it aloud. By reading the composition out in front of a mirror or an imaginary audience, you tend to spot the flaws faster and possibly make changes if there are sections that are inappropriate or confusing. You should also ask yourself if the paragraphs correspond to the general idea of an essay. Unfolding a concept is a complex task, and you have to make sure everything is in the right place before you hand your work to the teacher.

Descriptive essay your teacher

descriptive essay your teacher


descriptive essay your teacherdescriptive essay your teacherdescriptive essay your teacherdescriptive essay your teacher