Dissertation sur la loi des douzes tables

He has founded “Legal ICT” (), an initiative that offers legal training modules to ICT and Innovation-driven businesses and organisations. He is also regularly appointed by CEPANI as Third-Party Decider for “.be” domain name disputes. He has formerly been Senior Researcher at the CRIDS (Research Centre – Information, Law & Society of the University of Namur) where he studied during 10 years the legal aspects of intellectual property licensing, data and software protection, open source schemes, cloud computing and the governance of the Internet. He has written several expert studies for the European Commission and the European Parliament on the legal aspects of open source and interoperability information licensing. He has also been an alternate member of the copyrights and neighbouring rights section of the Intellectual Property Council of the Belgian Ministry of Economy.

Regarding criminal justice, the proceedings were markedly archaic. Judges could order suspects to be tortured in order to extract confessions or induce them to reveal the names of their accomplices : there were the question ordinaire ("ordinary questioning"), the ordinary form of torture, and the question extraordinaire ("extraordinary questioning"), with increased brutality. There was little presumption of innocence if the suspect was a mere poor commoner . The death sentence could be pronounced for a variety of crimes including mere theft ; depending on the crime and the social class of the victim, death could be by decapitation with a sword (for nobles), hanging (for most of the secondary crimes by commoners), the breaking wheel (for some heinous crimes by commoners), and even burning at the stake (for heresy , or advocacy of atheism ). Some crimes, such as regicide , exacted even more horrific punishment. With the spread of enlightenment ideas throughout France, most forms of judicial torture had fallen out of favor, and while they remained on the books, were rarely applied after 1750.

Dissertation sur la loi des douzes tables

dissertation sur la loi des douzes tables


dissertation sur la loi des douzes tablesdissertation sur la loi des douzes tablesdissertation sur la loi des douzes tablesdissertation sur la loi des douzes tables