Essays on wildlife conservation

Africa extensively covers areas from intense heat to bitter cold. The reason why the wildlife in Africa is so well established is because of the vegetation that supports many different kinds of animals, birds, insects etc. More than 40 species are presently existing with a great variety of almost everything including carnivores, antelopes, gazelles and much more. The bird life as well doesn’t lag behind in this. The south side of the Sahara is a habitat to more than 1500 species. And not to forget, Cheetah, the fastest animal is also there in Africa. Along with this, Ostrich, Elephants and other popular species can be found too.

All through the day I see various birds come and perch on the trees and plants. Some come to sing or rest a bit. Others come to look for food. So it is always a pleasure to see them. I just sit quietly and they go about their business undisturbed. I have seen the oriole, spotted-dove, pigeon, yellow-vented bulbul, mynah, fan-tailed flycatcher and various other little birds which I cannot name. They sing, dance and display their beautiful colors. It is quite a treat. On the other hand there are those pesky little sparrows that come into the house to steal food.

Essays on wildlife conservation

essays on wildlife conservation


essays on wildlife conservationessays on wildlife conservationessays on wildlife conservationessays on wildlife conservation