History of texas essay

            Although the Spanish colonization of Texas was brought to an end by the Mexican colonial government in 1821, Spain left a noticeable legacy in the modern state of Texas. For example, Spaniards introduced the Roman Catholic religion in Texas, and as a result, the present Catholic religion in Texas continues to have many followers. Almost all inhabitants in Texas were practicing the Catholic religion during the end of the reign of Spain over Texas. The Spanish colonial government precedents have influenced the laws in the modern State of Texas especially in the areas of family law, judicial procedure, water and land law. Though Texas practices the Anglo-American legal system, it has retained some Spanish legal practices which include adoption, homestead exemption and community property.

Like a boxer sparring with his rival, year after year Juneteenth was strengthened by the contest its committee members had to wage against the Jim Crow faithful of Texas, who, in the years following Reconstruction, rallied around their version of history in an effort to glorify (and whitewash) past cruelties and defeats. When whites forbade blacks from using their public spaces, black people gathered near rivers and lakes and eventually raised enough money to buy their own celebration sites, among them Emancipation Park in Houston and Booker T. Washington Park in Mexia.

History of texas essay

history of texas essay


history of texas essayhistory of texas essayhistory of texas essayhistory of texas essay