Influential people in your life essay

People whose courage has been met by violence populate history. Few, though, are as young as Malala was when, at 15, a Taliban gunman boarded her school bus in northwestern Pakistan and shot her and two other girls, attempting to both kill Malala and, as the Taliban later said, teach a “lesson” to anyone who had the courage to stand up for education, freedom and self-determination, particularly for girls and women. Or as young as 11, when Malala began blogging for the BBC’s Urdu site, writing about her ambition to become a doctor, her fears of the Taliban and her determination to not allow the Taliban — or her fear — to prevent her from getting the education she needed to realize her dreams.

As the author writes, "Christians and the Christian worldview were crucial to the formation of the early sciences. . If science, technology, and medical advances, properly used, are examples of God's grace to us, then those who brought them into being should be credited for them. . None of these men was perfect... I have deliberately chosen to respect all Christians who have honored the living God with their lives and work, regardless of their theological differences. They began their search for truth with the assumption that God exists, that His Word is true, and that He has created an orderly universe that reveals Himself."

Dr. Georges Benjamin is an experienced physician and well-known leader in the field of public health who understands the importance of preventive care and what can happen when it is inaccessible. In 2002, Benjamin was named the Executive Director of the nation’s oldest and largest organization of public health professionals, the American Public Health Organization. His primary mission is to make the next generation of United States citizens the healthiest in the world. Prior to his work at APHA, Benjamin helped develop Maryland’s bioterrorism plan at the state Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.

Influential people in your life essay

influential people in your life essay


influential people in your life essayinfluential people in your life essayinfluential people in your life essayinfluential people in your life essay