Roald dahl essay topics

'The Hitchhiker' by Roald Dahl is a short story that involves an interesting character. The writer makes this character very realistic. When I read this story I found the character had many good points but also many bad points.

'The Hitchhiker' by Roald Dahl is about the writer who has a brand new car. The writer heads to London in his new car. On the way, he picks up a hitchhiker. The hitchhiker is going to the horse racing. When their driving on the road, the hitchhiker encourages the writer to go faster and faster. They are then stopped by the police. The Policeman gives the writer a speeding ticket. The Policeman writes their names in his book. The hitchhiker then steals the books, so there?s no evidence for the speeding.

The hitchhiker in this story, is a very unique and easily imagined character. This unique character has many characteristics. As the writer picks up the hitchhiker in the story, Dahl describes him very well. When I read this I thought negative thoughts about him. He had an unpleasant appearance. ? He was a small ratty-faced man with grey teeth? That line gave me a clear picture of him. The reason why he gave me negative thoughts is because rats are sneaky, annoying, evil rodents, so I compared that to him. After that Dahl had more unpleasant remarks about the hitchhiker, ?his eyes were dark and quick and clever, like a rat?s eyes, and his ears were slightly pointed at the top?, This gave me a better idea of what he looked like. ? A greyish - coloured jacket with enormous pockets?, when I read that line I thought immediately that he was a pickpocket, ?enormous pockets?. Dahl did write something positive about his appearance. In contrast to his awful appearance, the writer notices something pleasant ...

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...lversmith. Reading through the evidence of him being skilful, I?m not sure sure if I should trust him or not. The hitchhiker may be skilful at what he does, but he?s still a criminal at the end of the day.

Knowing the hitchhiker has an unpleasant appearance, strong opinions, clever knowledge, being perceptive and very skilful. I?m not sure if I should admire the hitchhiker or not.
There are some good points about the character. He steals from the rich not from the poor. He also stole the policeman?s books. On the other hand, he takes the writer?s stuff firstly and he takes money from other people. At a push I think he?s a good character because everything he does he still helps the writer out at the end. Reading through the story again. I find Dahl is a great creative writer. He makes you understand the character really well.

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That’s a great question. Generally, when we discuss point of view in literature, we are concerned with the point of view of the narrator, or the person telling the story. Because of this, we generally ignore dialogue or words that are surrounded in “quotation marks.” You will become quickly confused if you do not do this, because if you do account for dialogue, you will find that the point of view is constantly shifting. So, ignore the point of view of characters in the story, unless they are telling the story. Focus on the narration and the answer should become clear. I hope that this helps.

Roald dahl essay topics

roald dahl essay topics


roald dahl essay topicsroald dahl essay topicsroald dahl essay topicsroald dahl essay topics