Thesis and buddypress

WP Document Revisions – This is a document revision and version control plugin that contains three main components. 1. A document management system to track store and organize files of any format. 2. A collaboration tool that allows teams to edit and revise a document. 3. A file hosting solution to publish and securely deliver documents to clients, professors, or students. One important component is access control – each file is given a persistent URL that can be private, password protected or publicly available. This could be used for student papers or a thesis.

Despite the fact that you probably won’t read this since I’m posting WAY after-the-fact, thank you for sharing this very usable bit of information. The last three “conferences” I’ve attended have placed major impact on leaving our “virtual footprint” in view, telling us that without a website/blog, we do not exist. I was told to look at the websites of my favorite writers and recreate a format. There is one major difference between those writers and me: I DON’T HAVE ANY PUBLISHED BOOKS! (Do manuscripts fully printed and in 3-ring binders count?) To me, setting up a blog to look similar to theirs is ludicrous.
I’m going to do this blog thing if it kills me, since I don’t want to die thinking I don’t exist. Not only did I get some great info from your article, but I also found another way to pass the time and not work on starting my blog. I LOVE reading about writing. I love the way I nod my head and agree with almost everything you say. It’s like having a conversation with your best friend. I think I’ll look for more things you wrote. This could go on all night. Maybe I’ll start the blog TOMORROW….
Oh well, thanks for posting.

May be you will laugh at me, but I want to tell you how I tryed to do correct vertical alignment without custom LaTeX server (by regular PHP plugin):
1) Take formula from the page text, for example “a^2+b^2=c^2”; check if it is already cached
2) Prepend point to it: “.a^2+b^2=c^2”
3) Render by any public LaTeX server:
4) Take image returned by server, scan it column-by-column from left to right until non-empty column will be found (that is prepended point).
5) Scan columns until empty column will be found. During scanning, remember bottommost non-empty (non-white) pixel position (this will be baseline).
6) Crop image according to empty column found: , cache cropped .png and .txt with baseline position.

Thesis and buddypress

thesis and buddypress


thesis and buddypressthesis and buddypressthesis and buddypressthesis and buddypress