Turner thesis american exceptionalism

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The history of the American West, like the art of the American West, isn’t what it used to be. No doubt, many lament the changes and pine for the myths that western histories (and western art) once celebrated. But if we are to make sense of the West’s multi-faceted evolutions and figure out how we can live together, and live sustainably, in this region, we don’t need one-dimensional tales. Rather we need histories and art that respect the past, wrestling, as historians and artists must, with the complexities that challenge us still.

         Expansion of a nation, especially if originally started in a much smaller area, has many issues and challenges that face it. A large, no pun intended, issue with expansion, specifically in the US’ westward expansion context, is adjusting government and it’s associated programs over a larger blanket. You see lawlessness become a theme in the western expansion of the US due to the lack of governmental control of the area. Secondly, American’s constant conflict with the native population brought a significant rise to slaughter and genocide.

Turner thesis american exceptionalism

turner thesis american exceptionalism


turner thesis american exceptionalismturner thesis american exceptionalismturner thesis american exceptionalismturner thesis american exceptionalism